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Bootcamp Details - What Will You Learn?

Wouldn't it be nice if becoming a millionaire was simple?

I want to share a secret with you... You will make millions in your lifetime. The real question is how much will you keep?

Most people don't believe they will become millionaires.

Let me show you the math: A person earning just $50K per year will make at least $2 MILLION dollars over their 40-year career. If you factor in the 4% annual increase, it becomes more than $3.7 million! I will show you how to preserve and protect your wealth.

And then you lived happily ever after and left your mark

There comes a time when you have to live on the nest-egg you've worked hard at building, then distribute your wealth to your heirs, charity or a combination of both in the most tax-efficient way while avoiding probate disputes. I will show you how to make sure your wealth and wishes last for generations.

What is the most optimal way to retire?

If you ask 50 different advisors, you'll get 50 different answers. The truth is there is only one optimal way to retire, and it's based on math, science and economic data - not opinions! Tom will teach you the 7-steps to reitrement happiness. He'll also show you how to remove the #1 retirement risk and explain why stocks, bonds, real-estate, crypto is not the answer to this huge issue like most American's were led to believe.

Here are some of the most common money fears – see how many of them ring a bell for you:

Over $3000 of Financial Services Included at No Additional Cost

Financial Planning, Coaching & Advice
Investment Advice & Workplace Benefits Selection Assistance
Insurance Protection Services
Debt Dispute Services
Financial Literacy Programs & Workshops
Quarterly Financial Progress Reports
Annual Financial Physical


What you will get from the program

  • An increase in financial clarity, and a reduction of financial stress
  • Tools and step-by-step plan to help organize your wealth building journey
  • A healthier connection with money
  • Noticeable positive effects on relationships with family and friends
  • A better sense of financial fearlessness in your financial life

This program includes

  • 12-week bootcamp by leading advisors, designed to reduce your financial stress and improve your financial well-being
  • Access to private members group where you can meet like-minded people and start networking and learning from each other's experiences
  • Access to One-on-One coaching with leading professionals
  • Personal Financial Management Website and easy-to-use mobile app
  • Personalized financial advice
  • Tips and strategies for staying on purpose and handling financial situations that arise

Being Financially Fearless Means Knowing Where You Stand 24/7.

Now you can anytime and anywhere with your Personalized Financial Management Website. 

Reduce Your Financial Stress

Your Personal Financial Management website makes it easy to manage both your wealth and your well-being.

Crush Your Financial Goals

Get on track to reach your most important goals.  

But Wait! There's more...
A $997 value INCLUDED.

The top source of financial stress is saving enough for a comfortable retirement, a worry that is trending upward as a result of the pandemic.

You will also get free access to on-demand retirement course - Don't Worry Retire Happy 7 Steps to Retirement Happiness taught by Best Selling Author, Economist & Retirement Expert Tom Hegna

As seen on PBS, Forbes, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and more

Forget opinions! Learn the real math and science behind a successful retirement plan.

Which of these habits are holding you back from a life of abundance?

  1. You associate savings with purchases and not with a savings account. Buying things at a discount is good purchase management but not saving money for short, mid and long-term goals can mean disaster.
  2. You don’t know how much debt you have. The biggest hurdle preventing many from achieving financial freedom is not knowing the total amount of debt owed.
  3. You have credit cards that are near or above the limit. You make the minimum payment in order to charge on the credit card’s new available balance.
  4. You make late payments on bills or paid a checking or debit card overdraft fee. This is an early sign you may be losing control of your money.
  5. You carry a revolving balance on your credit cards. Holding balances on credit cards month-to-month can lower your credit score. Thirty-percent of your credit score is derived from your credit usage (the ratio of used credit to available credit).
  6. You use credit card checks or cash advances to pay your bills. These credit card features cost money from extra fees or higher interest charges. It may seem convenient but can add to your debt load.
  7. You were turned down for a credit card or loan. This may be an indication that lenders find you a high-risk borrower showing you may have overextended yourself. Credit scores used to determine your creditworthiness is a tool creditors use to determine the potential risk of default or bankruptcy in a few year.
  8. You borrow money from your 401K to pay for monthly expenses. Your 401(k) is part of your long-term savings strategy used for retirement and not to pay for debt or recurring monthly expenses. A 401(k) loan or withdrawal can mean penalties, fees and impact your returns.
  9. You believe the lottery is your path to retirement. You have a higher chance of being struck by lightning than winning the lottery jackpot. Your retirement should include a robust savings and investing plan that includes 401K contributions, IRAs, brokerage accounts and life insurance.
  10. You hide your financial situation from your partner. Money can erode the strongest bonds among partners causing arguments and divorce. Lying about your spending habits and hiding bill statements will cause more grief down the road.

No more paying financial advisors $250 per hour or more.


No more wasting your own precious time trying to create a complete financial plan.


No more so-so results.


Are you ready to:

Break bad financial habits
Increase your savings
Learn how to invest intelligently
Learn how to build generational wealth and transfer it most efficiently
Protect your wealth like the wealthy
Heal your relationship with money

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